With only ONE walk left in my Northbound Te Araroa tramp, I am prepared to carry ALL the fresh fruit and vegetables! Not pictured: 10 pounds of hummus to go with #teararoa #trail #tramping #queencharlottetrack #backpacking #newzealand #southisland #nobo #fresh #vegetables #tomatoes #onions #avocados #mushrooms #onion #bananas #capsicum #cucumber #broccoli #hummus #yum #happy #walker #goodeats

Byron Bay was definitely one of the best places I’ve been in Australia.  The vibe there is so laid back.  Everyone is really nice and friendly, plus there are heaps of vegan friendly restaurants and cafes everywhere! After exploring many of the options around (I couldn’t try them all, there were so many), I have to say Manna Haven had the best food by far! It was so good, I went for lunch two days in a row. They do advertise as a vegetarian restaurant, but they are happy to accommodate vegans.  The first day I went, I ordered the Fresh Bowl.  I would highly recommend this dish! The flavor was outstanding! It was an oven baked garlic tortilla bowl filled with zestabouli quinoa salad, hummus, sriracha sauce, and moist felafals. It is advertised as being topped with tatziki sauce, but I told the woman at the counter I was vegan, and she substituted a creamy cashew cream sauce at no extra charge.  I was so satisfied after eating this meal.  It was the kind of meal you enjoy and feel good after eating it.  I was too full to have dessert, so I decided to return the next day! I had a trio of salads: the first: cauliflower pesto, the second: roast vegetable, and the third, recommended by the girl at the counter: eggplant tahini. All three were very different, but equally delicious.  You could tell they use the freshest ingredients. The polenta chips were good.  Firm, and not greasy.  They paired perfectly with the cashew cream sauce.  AND DESSERT! Oh my gosh, this raw chai cheesecake. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had many desserts throughout my travels, but it was amazing! Make sure you save some room! They have a whole window of raw vegan desserts to choose from.  Manna Haven gets a 10/10 from me.  

PS. The best coffee in town was at Santo’s- a coconut milk latte is where it’s at. They also had the amazing vegan ice cream bars from my previous post!