Survived the first day of #skiing out #west! #saltlakecity is so beautiful and I finally got to see all the #snow I was hoping for back home. Thanks to the #outdoorretailer show for the passes to @skisolitude. Had an epic day on the slopes⛷Excited to get back out there tomorrow! (at Solitude Mountain Resort)

Crazy to think we were there just before the wild fires came rolling through. I’m still entranced by the beauty I saw while spending just a few short days in the #greatsmokeymountains #nationalpark. I must admit #carcamping is way easier than the #backcountry #tramping I was doing in #newzealand, but I can’t help but hope the next time I go through I’ll be hiking the #appalachiantrail! #tbt #backpacking #wanderlust

My body is back in ‘real’ life but my head and heart are still on the trail. Never in a million years did I expect to have such a problem adjusting back. It never occurred to me that there would even be a problem! It’s been a week, and I am still having a hard time. I cannot explain the way I feel, but it’s a struggle every day. I get anxiety every time I’m in the city. I want more than anything to pick up my pack and walk away. But the money is gone, and it’s simply impossible for me to continue on the trail. It’s the saddest realization I’ve ever had to come to. I keep putting one foot in front of the other, try my best, and hope it’ll get easier. I wish I could get paid to hike. #teararoa #trail #backpacking #tramping #newzealand #trailsickness #wishfulthinking